The best skin you will ever have

How many of life's pleasures are not only good for you but also enhance the quality of your life? That 'feel fab' factor is within everyone's reach but of course, you only want the very best because you deserve the best!

Something as simple as a face mask is not a mere luxury - some will argue that it is a necessity which has been around in various forms for thousands (yes!) of years. In spite of the fact that face-masking has been around for such a long time, all Maskologist products are the result of hundreds of hours of research and development which have created just the right balance of perfectly conceived and hugely effective treatments.

Who would have believed that such a simple concept can have such a profoundly transformative effect!

There is certainly nothing new about facial treatments. In many cultures, face masks and cosmetic treatments attained almost spiritual significance.

Even ancient history's most glamorous queen and beauty applied various face masks - in fact, facial treatments have always been in vogue among the wealthy and that continues to this day. Cleopatra applied numerous potions to her face at least twice a week in order to ensure that her skin remained smooth and cleansed. She had also discovered the qualities of natural ingredients for that smooth youthful look of hers which remains legendary to this day.

Not to be outdone, Roman ladies were also big fans of the Art of Masking and used a whole range of exotic oils and herbs to maintain their skin tone and quality.

Maskologist has continued on that Mother Nature-inspired route by using only the purest ingredients, among which are flowers such as Rose and Lavender - so by choosing Maskologist, you too can return to the purity of Nature.

Be good to your skin, and love it every day for the rest of your life

To the modern day

Fast-forward to the 20th Century and the cosmetics industry as we know it today was born thanks to innovators such as Helena Rubinstein. Skin-care, together with make-up became a necessity and a life-style which continues to the present day and is now a massive worldwide industry.

Meanwhile, we have taken the mid route between the industry's natural heritage whilst at the same time, taking advantage of everything that science and research offers.

Among the myriad of products available, face masks continue to lead the way, except that now, they are scientifically designed and formulated. Lead oxide, honey and asses' milk have given way to collagen and laboratory-constructed products with market trailblazers and innovators such as Maskologist leading the way.

Choosing the right mask is often confusing, so we have created a simple but sophisticated mask which is at the leading edge of skin technology and treatment.

No more guessing

We have removed the guesswork, science has been applied and we believe that our product is at the forefront of what is available today and for the foreseeable future. In addition, our products are tailored for specific skin-types.

That means that you don't have to choose between clay, peel-off, sheet and all the other products out there because Maskologist products reflect not only our sincere belief in our products but our commitment to our clients and our promise to enhance their lives.

The right face mask for you will not only cleanse your skin but treat it so that those depressing bad-skin days will become a thing of the past. You will not only feel better but you will most certainly look better! That is because we understand that we are not just dealing with a product but the feelings, emotions and aspirations of our clients. We want to help you to achieve the very best that you can - and we mean that most sincerely.

The team at Maskologist is committed to creating the perfect mask for you and we have done it by adapting and modernising the best of what has gone before and bringing it into your life. We research and develop the best products using only the very best ingredients in tailored combinations to suit Individuals' Specific Skin Types and Needs.


We are not only in the cosmetics industry but as already mentioned earlier, we are great believers in improving life qualities through helping you to enhance your self-image. We want you to feel able to join our community and become part of the Maskologist family.

'WELLNESS for all' is our mission - and that's not just for the ladies!

As a result of our increasing communication via social media, our faces and bodies have become much more important to self-expression and communication.

Consequently, men as well as women from all over the world and a huge range of backgrounds, have become much more interested in grooming, moisturising and are generally self-aware in that quest for a more youthful and dynamic image. As a company, we are totally gender neutral. This means that no matter how you perceive yourself in terms of gender or sexuality, we would like you to consider Maskologist as your 'go to' brand for a better skin and because of  our company's egalitarian and inclusive ethos, the same applies to all backgrounds, nationalities, professions and ethnicities.

Maskologist is your next step as part of the universal desire for that holistic 'feel-good, look-good' image and we sincerely believe that this will be the next 'step-change' not only in the industry but in our lives.

We are here to help so have a look at our ever-developing range because we are constantly listening and reacting to our clients. Let us know how we can help you to integrate masking into your everyday routine in order to produce instant long-term results.

It will be the best decision you ever make.